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An investigation by the Osint group Molfar identified specific military units and personnel involved in the missile strike on Okhmatdyt Hospital. This information was obtained through cooperation with confidential sources within relevant governmental structures.

It is reliable information about the military units that carried out the attack on July 8, 2024.

On its website, Molfar provides a chronology of events, including the tracked flight path of the cruise missile, together with corroborated reports and information, including the names of probable pilots, engineers, commanders, and other personalities complicit in the bombing -all in all 95 people so far-, their relatives, contacts details, and more.

The Command:

  • Timoshin Oleg Evgenievich (born 21.06.1971, FB, VK, OK, +79212728117, +79633581910,, SNILS: 16863485921, passport1: 1197 011670 (likely invalid), passport2: 4716 534802) - commander of the 52nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment (military unit 33310), colonel.

In September 2021, received an award for the Shaikovka air regiment “For special services to the Kaluga region” and unveiled a memorial plaque in memory of the fallen pilots.

As of 2023, owned a grey-brown 2013 Honda CR-V 2013 (license plate Х371МС51, vin: 1HGRM4870DL51424). As of 2021, also owned a UAZ 31512 (license plate Х336КО51 vin: XTT315120T0011862).

Address: Murmansk, Vysokiy settlement (Olenegorsk-8), Guard St, building 15, apt. 18. Vysokiy settlement is located near the Olenya airbase (1, 2, 3). According to media reports (1, 2), six bombers took off from this airbase on the morning of 08.07.2024.

In 2019, flew from Murmansk to Kaliningrad. Negative: In June 2017, a case was filed with a fine of 500 rubles from the traffic police.

Family: Timoshina Olga Volodymyrivna / Тимошина Ольга Владимировна (20.11.1977, OK, VK +79212866414) - wife; Timoshin Oleh Olehhovych / Тимошин Олег Олегович (23.10.1998, Inst, VK1, VK2, VK3, OK, +79522944472, +79183644454,, - son; Timoshin Ivan Olehhovych / Тимошин Иван Олегович (24.11.2002, Inst, VK, - younger son. In 2019, participated in the city paramilitary competitions “A nu-ka, parni!”, which included: drill training, shooting, pull-ups, a military relay, and swimming.

  • Ivanenko Alexey Sergeevich (08.02.1987, OK, MySpace, +79105121943, iwаnе,,, SNILS: 531502064637, TIN: 531502064637, passport: 6008048259, driver’s license: 9903322330) - commander of an aviation unit of the 52nd Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, major.

In 2011, was criminally prosecuted for non-payment of debt.

Addresses: Kaluga region, Shaikovka village, building 13, apt. 29; Kaluga region, Kirov district, Shaikovka railway station, building 5, apt. 38.

As of 2021, owned a 2016 Hyundai Solaris (license plate O391TE40, VIN: Z94CU41DBHR493629).

Likely, in 2018, was involved in a criminal case under Article 158.1 - Petty theft committed by a person subject to administrative punishment. However, the court closed the case.

As of 2023, owned a Toyota Highlander (license plate: N368NR790, VIN: JTEES42A302181611), in 2013, owned a Toyota Rav4 (license plate: N959VH40, VIN: JTMKD31V105021547).

Addresses: Kaluga region, Kirov district, Shaikovka village, building 6, apt. 46; Shaikovka village, building 9, apt. 24.

Komarov Vladimir (OK) - colonel. According to an article, as of 2020, head of the flight control group in Shaikovka.

Known address: Shaikovka village, building 16, apt. 51.

Family: Prokopenko Irina / Прокопенко Ирина (25.03.1968, OK) - wife; Komarova Anna Volodymyrivna / Комарова Анна Владимировна (21.01.1993, OK, VK, +79104891971,, - daughter; Komarov Oleksandr Volodymyrovych / Комаров Александр Владимирович (15.05.1991, VK,, +79163664612, +79807129571, passport: 2910450578) - son.

  • Golenkov Dmitry Vladimirovich (01.09.1978, V VK (Archive), OK,, passport: 4901226347, TIN: 531500515877, driver’s license: 4003561399) - chief of staff of the aviation squadron, pilot of the 52nd Guards Aviation Regiment, military unit 33310, Kaluga region, Shaikovka.

Family: Holenkova (Kasilynikova) Tetyana Volodymyrivna / Голенкова (Касильникова) Татьяна Владимировна (VK, OK1, OK2,, +79116050306, Skype: tatianagolenkova, TIN: 531500054601) - wife; Holenkova Uliana Dmytrivna / Голенкова Ульяна Дмитриевна (OK) - daughter; Holenkov Mykyta Dmytrovych / Голенков Никита Дмитриевич (08.05.2002, +79805131126, - son.

  • Kostyunin Dmitry Leonidovich (born May 17, 1966, passport: 0500207275, TIN: 251133437871) - Originally from Kstovo. Deputy Chief of the Main Aviation Department of the Russian National Guard. Known military unit 6535. In 2019, he was at Shaykovtsi during the regiment’s anniversary.

Address in 2013: Engels, 148 Chernihivska Diviziya St., Apt. 24.

Command of military unit 33310, according to publication:

  • Koryakin Ilya Vladimirovich (born August 26, 1977, VK, TGid: 161669098, +79105208587 (inactive number),, passport: 1201191306) - Chief of Staff of military unit 33310. Address: Kaluga region, Kirovsky district, pos. Shaykovka, house 10, apt. 39.

  • Chunikhina Evgeniya Gennadievna (born March 23, 1990, VK, +79187811581,, TIN: 260503241704, passport: 0709378796) - Road Safety Technician - Chief of the Technical Inspection Point of military unit 33310.

Address: Soltzy-2, Dos St., house 202, apt. 60.

As of 2021, owns: Сhevrolet КL1J СRUZЕ.

Family: Chunikhin Oleg Yurievich (born October 1, 1988, VK,,, +79116300801, TG id: 1064090724, passport: 0703868377) - Deputy Chief of Staff.

Owns Kia Optima: plate number: E382MC53, vin: XWEGU411BJ0004497.

Known address in 2021: Soltzy-2, Liotchika Lykholotova St., bld. 14, apt. 3STR1, apt. 445

Family: Chunikhina Evgeniya Gennadievna (born March 23, 1990) - wife. Has a daughter.

  • Antyukhov Vladimir Viktorovich (born August 17, 1973, OK,, +79109158067, passport: 2914656448, SNILS: 10505516407, TIN: 402300149800) - Present in the photo at the military-patriotic concert in Shaykivka.

Known address: Kaluga region, Kirovsky district, pos. Shaykovka, house 3, apt. 53.


  • Antyukhova Marina Valerievna (born August 31, 1983, OK, +79105942370, passport: 2904932985, TIN: 400200449718) - wife - works at the polyclinic in Shaykivka;
  • Antyukhova Angelika Vladimirovna (born July 27, 2006, OK, OK2, VK1, VK2) - daughter;
  • Antyukhin Dmitry Vladimirovich (born April 15, 2005, VK, +79105486166, passport: 2918909234) - son;
  • Antyukhov Valery (OK) - likely brother.

More on the website.

    4 days ago

    Holy shit that is a lot of info. Lots of links to images on google drive, screen shots of vehicle details, email addresses for family members, just. Wow.

    4 days ago

    As a slowpoke still in russia I’m confused by these lists. The first thing, sure, is to check if I know anyone from here, and for a long time I’ve never seen anyone somehow related to me. But what if I do recognize someone? And not dead, but taking a vacation leave in my city. What if I’d meet them in person, knowing what they’ve done? I’m afraid of that moment but it would eventually come. I can’t conpute what I should do in that context and am happy I’m yet to be forced to.

    Good job on them OSINT guys. Страна должна знать своих героев, блять. It’s good to see them tracked and not cowardly covering themselves with their masks.